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Going to Golders Hill is one of my most cherished memories of my childhood. The caring and kind atmosphere has made me into the person I am today. I remember it often, especially when I pass by the school, and am so grateful for the friends I made then and still carry with me to this day.


A message from a parent, whose child left GHS the previous year

"Hi Mrs Eglash,

I thought you would like to see these pictures. Their strong bond was forged in your school, and still today one year on even though they have all moved onto different schools, their bond is as strong as ever.

The pictures were taken yesterday. They won the cup final of their football league. Much excitement (as you can imagine!)

Thank you for having created such a wonderful environment for our boys to flourish in."



February 2018

Ex- GHS pupil - Noah Austin - came 2nd in the UK University Debating Challenge - Noah was debating "This House believes that the FANGS (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google) hold too much of the world's data and should be broken up."  Noah is a second year student at Bristol University studying Philosophy & Economics.