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Autumn Term 2015 - Assemblies

School Rules


First assembly of the school year, we talked School Rules.  Mrs Eglash explained to the children The Golders Hill Way and all questions were answered.



Rosh Hashanah Assembly


I was very pleased to be invited to speak to the children about the Jewish New Year.  I brought in apples and honey for all the children to explain how we dip the apples in honey during our celebration.  I also brought bitter pomegranate for the children to try.  It is our custom to eat honey cake at Rosh Hashanah.  I blew a shofar in the school assembly and asked the children questions about their own understanding of the Jewish New Year traditions.   Mrs Roukin


We held an assembly on being inclusive in friendships, and how we are all friends together.  We also reminded the children that if another child asks them to do something that they feel is wrong - then they must say "no" and hopefully tell the teacher.



Our assembly on "Sharing" was all about taking turns and letting everyone join in.  Again, this is on our "all inclusive" theme.




Mrs Anar gave a talk on Eid, and the children learnt the story behind this important muslim festival.  We talked about similarities between religions.



Mrs Eglash explained what to do in an emergency, and asked the question "what was an emergency" and we role played a situation.




This week we discussed saying "please" and "thank you".  Year 2 helped in role playing good and bad manners.  The children all had a lovely time joining in.