Our Assemblies



In Assembly we talked about new year’s resolutions and about what we had achieved in 2018 and what we hope to achieve in 2019. It was refreshing to hear the children's reflections on their own aspirations for the year ahead, and we look forward to encouraging them to achieve their goals moving forward.



Our ‘Festival of Light’ assembly was a huge success and we really enjoyed having the support of parents. We learnt about Channukah, Diwali and Christmas and enjoyed the colours, lights and music from our wonderful music teacher.




In our assembly this week we were extremely lucky to have the most wonderful puppet show for the children, put on and run by an ex parent from GHS. The show told the story of Diwali with magnificent props, puppets and a clear and captivating narrative.

Royal Wedding Assembly

15 May 2018

This week we discussed the Royal Wedding and everyone's plans for the celebration.  We also talked about different types of weddings, and the staff shared their experiences and expectations of a wedding.  


When Mrs Steel got married (a long time ago!) she invited everyone back to their small house, and cooked sausages, in her excitement she burnt them.


MARCH 2018

The children learnt the story of Passover and all about the Seder night meal from one of our parents. There were a lot of questions asked and it was very informative.

Assembly led by Ms Komlosi

Yoga Retreat in India

February 2018


Ms Komlosi (Owls Class) went on a Yoga Retreat in India for 3 weeks and she took an assembly to tell all the children and staff about it.  The children were very interested and enjoyed copying some of the yoga positions demonstrated by Ms Komlosi. 


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Chinese New Year Assembly



We were lucky to have a parent led assembly on the traditions of the Chinese New Year, and to say "Kung Hei Fat Choi" to those celebrating this festival.  We learnt that there is a Chinese Zodiac which tells us that this year is the Year of the Dog and how far away China is (6,000 miles!).  All the children were given traditional gifts of money in a red envelope.

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26 JANUARY 2018

We had another fantastic parent led assembly on Australia Day, and we learnt all about how this official national day of Australia is always held on 26 January, this is because it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip.  We were taught all about the Southern Cross on the Australian flag, and why Australians wear hats with corks swinging from string to stop insects getting near your face.

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Chanukah Assembly - 2017

The children were taught the story of Chanukah by a very proud Grandmother and Grandson.  The blessing over the candles was made and all the children got donuts to take home

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The Golders Hill Way Assembly


This was first assembly of the school year and Mrs Eglash spoke to the children about The Golders Hill Way


· We respect and listen to each other.

· We look after our school and our belongings.

· We look smart and wear our uniform with pride.

· We are kind and polite.

· We try hard, have fun and do our best to make this a very happy school.


Religious Assemblies

We have focussed two assemblies on the different religions in our school.  We have children from Year 2 talking about their special holidays over the Autumn months.  Joseph, Zaki, Aman & Max have shared their Rosh-Hashona, Eid, Diwali and Christmas stories - please see photos/videos below.


Politeness Assembly

We have talked this week about using the "magic word" "please" in order to get the best out of our peers and teachers.  Mrs Eglash also spoke about helping other people who are less fortunate than the children of Golders Hill.  This is the lead-up to our Harvest Festival Assembly in aid of Cricklewood Foodbank.



The children sharing Eid/Rosh-Hashona, Christmas/Diwali

The children sharing Eid/Rosh-Hashona, Christmas/Diwali 1
The children sharing Eid/Rosh-Hashona, Christmas/Diwali 2
The children sharing Eid/Rosh-Hashona, Christmas/Diwali 3
The children sharing Eid/Rosh-Hashona, Christmas/Diwali 4


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Autumn Term 2016 - Assemblies

School Rules


First assembly of the school year, we talked School Rules.  Mrs Eglash explained to the children The Golders Hill Way and all questions were answered.



Rosh Hashanah Assembly


I was very pleased to be invited to speak to the children about the Jewish New Year.  I brought in apples and honey for all the children to explain how we dip the apples in honey during our celebration.  I also brought bitter pomegranate for the children to try.  It is our custom to eat honey cake at Rosh Hashanah.  I blew a shofar in the school assembly and asked the children questions about their own understanding of the Jewish New Year traditions.   Mrs Roukin


We held an assembly on being inclusive in friendships, and how we are all friends together.  We also reminded the children that if another child asks them to do something that they feel is wrong - then they must say "no" and hopefully tell the teacher.



Our assembly on "Sharing" was all about taking turns and letting everyone join in.  Again, this is on our "all inclusive" theme.




Mrs Anar gave a talk on Eid, and the children learnt the story behind this important muslim festival.  We talked about similarities between religions.



Mrs Eglash explained what to do in an emergency, and asked the question "what was an emergency" and we role played a situation.




This week we discussed saying "please" and "thank you".  Year 2 helped in role playing good and bad manners.  The children all had a lovely time joining in.