Admissions Policy



Prospective parents are always welcome at Golders Hill and are offered a tour of the school to see each class in action and learn more about the Golders Hill Curriculum.


Non-Refundable Registration Fee


On registering your child, a non-refundable fee of £100.00 is payable with the completed Registration Form.  You will also need to decide at what age you wish your child to start with us.


Normal admission is at the beginning of the school year, i.e. in September. Our main intake is at the age of two years.  Some places are usually available for Reception (four years) but this depends on the numbers of children moving up from the year below.  Places for our Kindergarten (three years) are very limited.


Deposit on account of termly fees


Places for Nursery and Kindergarten are offered during the Autumn term preceding the academic year of entry. Once an offer has been sent out, we will ask that an Agreement is signed between the parents of the child and Golders Hill School.  At that time we will request a deposit of £2,000 for Pre Nursery, Nursery or Kindergarten entries and £2,500 for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 entries.  This fee will secure a place.  Should you decide to cancel the place prior to entry this deposit will be returned provided that one full term’s notice in writing has been given.  Alternatively, this deposit will be refunded through the final term’s fees provided a full term’s notice has been given in accordance with Golders Hill School Agreement (which will be available to you if your child is offered a place). 


Termly Fees


Termly fees are paid in advance and are payable on the first day of term.  One term’s notice is required if a child is leaving.


When children start in the middle of the school year or at shorter notice, the registration fee, deposit and the first term’s fee is payable prior to school entry.


Pupils With Special Needs


If a child is known to have special additional needs before they begin the setting, discussions will be made with both parents/carers and all other agencies involved, ascertaining the additional requirements of the child, whether they will require provision of extra staff or resources, and how these can be accessed. This will ensure that the child has the best support from the nursery from the moment they start here.


Pupils With English As An Additional Language (EAL)


The School welcomes pupils who may be at early or more advanced stages of learning English as an additional language.  The School has a full inclusion policy and provides individual support as and when needed.

We do not exclude children for behaviourial issues.
*Updated on 21st September 2020