Complaints Policy

Golders Hill School Complaints Policy

1.    Introduction

1.1.    We believe that our school provides a good education for all our children, and that the head teacher other staff work very hard to build positive relationships with all parents. However, the school is obliged to have procedures in place in case there are complaints by parents. The following policy sets out the procedure that the school follows in such cases.


1.2.    If any parent is unhappy with the education that their child is receiving, or has any concern relating to the school, we encourage that person to talk to the child’s class teacher immediately.


1.3.    We deal with all complaints in accordance with procedures set out by Ofsted and by the Department for Education and Skills (DFES)


1.4.    Any records and correspondence relating to particular complaints will be kept confidential, subject to authorities empowered to have sight of such documents.  These records will be kept for a period of 3 years.


2.    Aims and objectives


2.1.    Our school aims to be fair, open and honest when dealing with any complaint. We give careful consideration to all complaints and deal with them as swiftly as possible. We aim to resolve any complaint through dialogue and mutual understanding and, in all cases we put the interests of the child above all other issues. We provide sufficient opportunity for any complaint to be fully discussed, and then resolved.


3.    The complaints process


3.1.    If a parent is concerned about anything to do with the education that we are providing at our school, they should, in the first instance, discuss the matter informally with their child’s class teacher. Most matters of concern can be dealt with in this way the same day. All teachers work very hard to ensure that each child is happy at school, and is making good progress; they always want to know if there is a problem, so that they can take action before the problem seriously affects the child’s progress.


3.2.    Where a parent feels that a situation has not been resolved through contact with the class teacher, or that their concern is of a sufficiently serious nature, they should make an appointment to discuss it with the head teacher. The head teacher considers any such complaint very seriously and investigates each case thoroughly within one working day. Most complaints are normally resolved at this stage. Some parents may prefer to put the complaint in writing and in this case correspondence should be addressed to the head teacher.


3.3.    Should a parent have a complaint about the head teacher, s/he should first make an informal approach to the Management, who is obliged to investigate it. If a parent is unhappy with the outcome, s/he can make a formal complaint, as outlined below.


3.4.    If the parents are not satisfied with the response to the informally raised complaint they are invited to put the complaint in writing, addressed to the head teacher who will respond in writing within two working days.


3.5.    If despite having raised the complaint formally in writing the complaint remains not satisfied then school will establish a panel of at least three members, not thus far directly involved with the complaint and one of whom is independent of the management and running of the school, to consider the complaint. This panel will be established within 3 weeks of it being requested.  


3.6.    The panel of 3 (one of whom is independent) will meet to consider the complaint, and produce a report making findings, and recommendations. The report will be copied to the complainant, proprietor, head teacher, and where relevant the person complained about, as well as other relevant parties concerned within 28 days. The parents, may attend the panel hearing, and may be accompanied if they wish. The school will give the parents at least three days’ notice of the meeting and the panel’s report will be made available within 2 weeks of the hearing.


3.7.    If the complaint is not resolved, a parent may make representation to Ofsted the regulartory body. The telephone number for Ofsted is 0845-6404040, or write to:-

Ofsted National Business Unit
Royal Exchange Building
St Anne’s Square
Manchester M2 7LA


4.    Monitoring and review


4.1.    The School Management monitors the complaints procedure, in order to ensure that all complaints are handled properly. The head teacher logs all complaints received by the school and records how and at what stage they were resolved. All records relevant to complaints including correspondence, and statements are kept confidentially on file except when their release is requested by authorised bodies.


4.2.    The School Management takes into account any local or national decisions that affect the complaints process, and make any modifications necessary to this policy. This policy is made available to all parents, so that they can be properly informed about the complaints process.



Signed: A T Eglash             Date  February 2022







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2003-2004                0
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