Letter to Parents from PHE September 2020

COVID 19 Policy 27th May 2021 Updated




At Golders Hill School, the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is our priority.  We therefore request  families to inform us of any travel that may be taking place during these uncertain times and if your family or child has been in direct or close contact with anyone who has tested COVID positive.  This will allow us to optimize the safety of everyone and ensure the appropriate measures are taken to prevent the spread of this disease.


During these difficult times, Golders Hill School has taught remotely and will continue to do so if needed (using the Evidence Me profiling software) and interactively in small groups (using Zoom).

As well as offering lessons and ideas for home learning, we are doing our best to address the physical and emotional wellbeing of our school families.

We are delighted to have received lovely feedback from our families for our remote learning:


"Overall, i thought the home school activities worked extremely well especially given the young age of the kids.  Lots of variety; great to be able to pick and choose activities to suit the child; i felt that my daughter was still developing not just filling time.  The videos and stories worked particularly well as she could see her teachers."


"I think the school has handled everything very well right through the whole virus situation - before, during and after lockdown - including communication, home schooling, fee adjustments and caring for my child."