Equality Act 2010 - Compliance & Objectives


Compliance with our equality duty (PSED)

Equality Act 2010 - Analysis


1.  How do we eliminate discrimination (and other prohibited conduct)?

    We are:

  • Encouraging parents from all of our school communities to present assemblies to share experiences from other countries and religions.
  • Updating our school policies having due regard to our duties under the Equality Act 2010.
  • Gathering views and advice from the children, parents, staff and from beyond the school to ensure that our policies and actions are in fact fair in operation.


2.  How do we advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected

     characteristic and people who do not share it?

  We are:

  • Having ongoing discussions about age-appropriate ways to introduce very young children to the diversity of their fellow human beings, for example through drama and stories.


3. How do we foster good relations across all characteristics between people who share a

    protected characteristic and people who do not share it?


We are:

  • Broadening our curriculum to include studies of peoples from around the world, for example, making links between nomadic peoples (through choice or cultural heritage) and people displaced through poverty, discrimination, war or disasters.
  • Engaging with communities through ex-pupils to share success stories, for example, children with additional needs who have gone on to achieve their ambitions.



Our equality objectives 2017 – 2021


1.  Physical access to the school and facilities within the school:


Our vision: Golders Hill School will be fully accessible to children, staff, parents or visitors

with a physical disability.


Our action plan: We will achieve this by refurbishing our facilities at 678-680 with building

work commencing in July 2017.


2. Understanding how to respect the views of others without always agreeing with them:


Our vision: Golders Hill School will be a place where children and adults feel that they can

share their beliefs and opinions without fear of victimisation or discrimination.


Our action plan: We will use Quality Circle Time to create an ethos of free speech without ridicule. We will equip the children with age-appropriate vocabulary and phrases needed to express their disagreement without giving offence or being hurtful.


3. To increase understanding between religious groups, sexes, races and other diverse communities.


Our vision: Golders Hill School will have strong procedures in place and strong leadership to promote fairness, equality and respect for diversity.


Our action plan:

  • We will focus our attention on the way children speak to each other and about others, providing appropriate phrases where necessary.
  • We will continue to ensure that our staff represent a wide range of communities.
  • Through staff meetings, we will maintain a continuing focus on our equality duties, actively seeking out opportunities to improve the effectiveness of our practice and provision