Welcome to the FROGHS section!

What is FROGHS? 


Welcome to FROGHS – Friends of Golders Hill School


FROGHS is an important part of GHS school life, and we are lucky to have a very active FROGHS committee that is run by parents and carers.


FROGHS organise exciting events throughout the year to raise money for the school and local charities, as well as provide a way for parents to socialise. Such events from the past year included the Christmas Fair, Heads Together, Cinema screenings, a second hand uniform sale, a snack table at sports day, and much much more! FROGHS is a great way to be more involved with the school, meet other parents, discuss concerns and exchange information.


As your child is at GHS you automatically become a member of FROGHS and are more than welcome to join all meetings and come along to all events! We hold regular meetings throughout the year and we ask that each class throughout the school has two parent FROGHS reps and their role is to liaise between class teachers and parents. 


If you are on the FROGHS committee, we don't ask for a huge commitment or a lot of your time.  Most members juggle work, siblings, after school initiatives, childcare and some people even have a social life!  The more of us there are, the more we can spread the load.


Through FROGHS, and with your help we aim to support the school, its staff and our children in every way that we can; and remember, children get so much more out of school when they know that their parents and carers are involved... and they love it!