Health, Safety and Welfare - Policies and Procedures

Health, Safety and Welfare - Policies and Procedures

These are available to view in the school office if not already on our website.

  1.         Risk Assessment
  2.         Fire Safety
  3.         Food Hygiene/Hot Drinks
  4.         Nappy Changing
  5.         Non-Smoking
  6.         Health, Safety and Welfare in the Curriculum
  7.         First Aid
  8.         Administration of Medicine in School
  9.         Sickness, Infectious Conditions, Allergies and     


10.        Accidents at school

11.        Outings (section 16)

12.        Outside Play (section 17) and Sun Safe

13.        Welfare, Assemblies, Spirituality and Worship

            (section 22)

14.       Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan Policy (PEEP)

15.       Bodily Fluids – spillage and leakage

Note:  Other policies include references to emotional and physical welfare, e.g.     





                 Children’s Rights/Social and Emotional Development

                 Sensitive Incidents


Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Overview

  1.      Introduction – At Golders Hill School, we all share the responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of all our pupils and staff.  The Designated Leaders coordinate our work on Safeguarding and Child Protection.
  2.      Risk Assessments – classroom, playground and curriculum risk assessments are carried out to minimise and predict any hazardous activities or equipment.  However, at Golders Hill School, we encourage age-appropriate risky play. 
  3.      First Aiders are always available throughout the school day and on outings.  All accidents and incidents are logged, and parents are informed in writing. For head injuries, parents are contacted by telephone.  Emergency numbers and medicines follow the children throughout the day.
  4.      Curriculum - We teach the children about the skills and knowledge they need to keep themselves clean, safe and healthy (in mind and body). We have regular fire/incident drills.  Our curriculum also includes environmental awareness.
  5.      Quality Circle Time and Assemblies offer the children opportunities to talk and learn about moral and spiritual wellbeing, diversity, tolerance and inclusion.
  6.      Meals – The children wash their hands with soap before snack and lunch.  The tables are cleaned with Milton solution and disposable paper towels before and after food is served.  All snacks brought from home and all meals provided by the school are allergen free and low in salt and sugar.
  7.      Uniform – The Golders Hill School uniform is suitable for all children (i.e. it is gender neutral). Religious and cultural beliefs relating to clothing are accommodated.  The children change into appropriate clothing for P.E. and dance.  No jewellery is permitted to be worn to school without the permission of the Headteacher (in her absolute discretion).
  8.      Security – Our key-pad entrance gate is covered by CCTV.  Staff are not permitted to let anyone unknown on to the premises.  Visitors and parents are not allowed to let anyone on to the premises.  Clear procedures are in place for evacuation or lock-down.
  9.      Outings – Seat belts must be fitted to all vehicles used to transport children.  Adult to pupil ratios follow statutory guidelines.
  10. Premises and equipment – The Management maintain the school in a good state of cleanliness and repair.  Systems are in place to report any problems.  There are annual P.A.T. and Fire Equipment checks.  Heating, lighting and ventilation are monitored periodically.


This policy will be reviewed annually (or earlier if necessary).




Amanda Eglash 

January 2021