Homework Policy

   Golders Hill School – Homework Policy   


Homework is set in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  It is important from the beginning to make arrangements for a successful session to set the tone for your child’s school years to come.

We aim to set up an effective partnership between school and home to consolidate learning and improve skills. 


Your child will need:

  • a comfortable chair and clean table or desk at a suitable height
  • a quiet area with no distractions
  • a sharp, good quality HB pencil – we recommend the ‘triangular’ type to encourage a good grip


Before you start:

  • let your child have a snack, a drink and go to the toilet
  • check together that you have everything you need and that you have talked about what to do
  • be clear about how much time will be spent (a sand timer is useful so that children can see how the time passes)



Be nearby to help if needed but do not be tempted to do the homework yourself!  Check from time to time that all is going well and say some words of encouragement.  When the time is up, praise your child for what they have done.  If it has been done well, use a reward chart to add a sticker.  Do not use food or toys as a bribe or reward.  Further praise or help with corrections will be given at school. Recommended times are set out below.  Do not ask your child to work any longer.  Children need to rest and play.




Homework – daily maximum



Thursday is NO HOMEWORK DAY!

Literacy and numeracy

15 minutes in total


Year 1



Thursday is NO HOMEWORK DAY!

Reading:    15 minutes

Spellings:  10 minutes

Tables:     10 minutes

Year 2

30 minutes in total

All:  Week-end sheets

30 minutes



I finished.

I tried hard.

I did very well.



















Thursday is NO HOMEWORK day!