Key Stage One

Key Stage 1


Year One is the start of Key Stage One. Our children are becoming increasingly independent. They follow the National Curriculum and enjoy the wide subjects that are offered to them; English, Maths, Science, Computing, Humanities, Art, French, and Gymnastics.


Year Two continues the very high standards of teaching and preparation for future schools.


All children in Year One and Two attend a weekly assembly. The children and parents are encouraged to play an active role in these assemblies. We are very lucky to be able to celebrate many special occasions i.e., religious holidays, saint days, country days.


All children in Year Two have a very special responsibility within the school, which provides them with self-confidence and allows a child to take pride in their respective roles.


In Key Stage 1 all children have the opportunity to go on an outing at least once a term.


Our School Council is very active and all special requests made by our Councillors are listened to and if possible put into action. Our School Council have introduced a singing afternoon at Christmas time, a poetry reading afternoon and many other playground events. Councillors are elected once a term, so that all the children get a chance to have a voice.


The climax of the year is the Graduation for our Year Two class, where the children of the year group put on an amazing play, followed by a delicious tea and then there is a prize giving ceremony by a special guest.


At Golders Hill School our Head has a very strong relationship with the future schools and her knowledge of the schools in the London area is greatly appreciated by our parents. Mrs Eglash is able to guide and support the parents through the 7+ with her wealth of knowledge. It has been known for Heads of 7+ schools be advised by Mrs Eglash on which children should go to which schools!


Golders Hill School Alumni keep in regular touch with Mrs Eglash and often send their own children to school here, as their memories of their time here are very special.


Our Alumni children themselves keep in touch with each other and regularly meet up as the years go by. Several of them re-connecting at universities and forming lifelong friendships.