Kindergarten Curriculum and Ethos

Golders Hill School

Kindergarten Ethos and Curriculum



Kindergarten at Golders Hill follows the Early Years Curriculum maintaining the emphasis of learning through play and consolidating the social and emotional skills that are taught during a child’s nursery experience. However there is more emphasis as the year progresses on formal group work, including number work, phonic knowledge and fine motor skills. This enables the children to make a smooth transition to the final year of EYFS in Reception. Our nurturing staff communicate throughout the year with parents and are always on hand to discuss children’s progress and needs. As in Nursery, we look forward to welcoming parents to be part of their children’s education at this stage and ask for parental support in talking about festivals, jobs and interests to individual classes, accompanying us on outings and helping in classrooms. We have high expectations of all the children in our care and use our experience and professional knowledge to provide a secure, friendly and fun environment in which the children can grow and learn. We observe the children and plan to each child’s needs changing topics to encompass the children’s interests. As well as this we will explore and investigate the Seasons, major religious festivals, shapes, numbers and colours, rhymes, traditional stories and people who help us.

If you require further information regarding the curriculum we teach, please speak with Mrs Eglash or your Key Person.