Online Safety Information

Childnet - for young people, carers, parents, guardians and teaching staff.


Netaware - a guide to apps, games and social networks and details of the risks and age guidelines.


Internet Matters - advice for parents and children


ThinkUKnow - internet safety advice for young people, professionals, parents and carers


CEOP - enabling parents/carers/young people to report online abuse


UK Safer Internet Centre - advice on internet safety for young people, parents, carers and professionals, including parental controls and privacy settings.

UKCMO Advice On Screen Time

Top Apps To Get Children Active

Tips To Share Children's Milestone Moments Safely

Smart Speakers - A Parent's Guide

Sample Family Internet Safety Plan

Pre School Online Safety Guide

Managing Childrens Digital Wellbeing

Balancing Screen Time

Gaming Advice For Pre Schoolers

Buying A Smart Toy

A Guide to Parental Controls

SMART Poster